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carrot sticks make a good school snack


(A fun name makes it exciting for kids, and tons of eye nutrition makes it conscientious for parents!)

Especially when it comes to children, there is a vital correlation between eye health, diet, and learning. The last thing a good parent wants to receive at the beginning of the school year is a phone call from an education professional stating that their child might be having vision issues that could impair their learning.

While the causes of visual processing disorders are varied, you can always choose to give your child a healthy foundation for learning with foods that nourish their vision.


With kid-tested favorites like baby carrots, berries, nuts, mini oranges, crunchy kale chips, and hard-boiled eggs with naturally lutein-rich yolks, you can whip up a fun, tasty lunch that we’re calling the “SNACKY LUNCH.”


  • One Very Creative Parent
  • Pre-cooked and peeled Hard Boiled Eggs (in egg section of most grocery stores)
  • Baby Carrots
  • Hummus (or any nut butter if your child doesn’t like hummus)
  • Kid-approved Mixed Nuts
  • Baby Oranges
  • Whole, Fresh Blueberries
  • Crackers (Choose those made from wholesome, protein and nutrient-rich ingredients like millet -a magnesium-filled grain-, flax, quinoa and/or whole-wheat flour
  • Fresh Sliced Deli Cheese (a good source of riboflavin and vitamin A)
  • Real Fruit-based Juice Pouch (or Good Old Fashioned Water!)
  • Pinch of Salt


  • In a sandwich bag, sprinkle salt and add two of the eggs. Shake bag to distribute salt.
  • On the bottom of a washable container, place about 2 tablespoons of hummus and stick baby carrots in so they are standing up.
  • Using a small sheet of aluminum foil, wrap a handful of mix nuts and wrap tightly.
  • Fill another small, washable container with washed and drained blueberries.
  • Cut a long, narrow piece of aluminum foil. On one half, lay approximately 4 small slices of the cheese; on the other half, stack approximately 4 of the crackers. Wrap in such a way as to keep the cheese and crackers from touching until they are unwrapped.
  • Place all wrapped items in your child’s lunch box along with baby orange.
  • Write a note on a paper towel to act as their “placemat” that says, “Have fun snacking!”
  • Their little hearts will love your homemade placemat, and their little hands will delight in the fun of unwrapping each item and creating their own little picnic!
HINT: Have fun mixing up other small items like individual yogurt containers, grapes, mini sandwiches, etc. As long as it looks like a “snack” to them, and you know it’s nutritious, the sky’s the limit! (Well, actually, their lunch box is the limit.)

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