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Have you been told you have CATARACTS?

see-better-with-cataract-surgeryIf so, you’re actually very lucky! Today, there are more options for curing cataracts than ever before. SNEAD EYE GROUP offers the latest methods in cataract detection and treatment with state-of-the-art technology and a professional, caring staff that understands the needs and concerns of our patients. A diagnosis of cataracts does not have to interfere with the quality of life you deserve. The surgeons of SNEAD EYE GROUP perform thousands of cataract removal procedures every year, with excellent results.

Cataract Surgery & Lifestyle Lens Options:

Multifocal IOLs

Lens Options with LenSx

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For the individual who desires the least amount of dependency on glasses AND the very best vision possible, at all ranges near through distance, for everything you do. Multifocal IOLs are the best of the best and desired by busy people on the go! This package includes:  Advanced multifocal lens, and Limbal relaxing incision if necessary


  • Can eliminate the need for glasses for most activities.
  • Multifocal IOLs may also be available that have the ability to correct astigmatism.
  • Can be performed by LenSx.

Toric IOLs

For the individual who desires better distance vision and correction of astigmatism. Toric IOLs offer improved night vision and less dependence on glasses while driving.  The ideal patient includes those bothered by astigmatism, people who utilize a computer for numerous tasks, and people who enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, boating and golfing. This package includes:  fort-myers-cataract-patientsHigh Definition Aspheric lens or Toric lens, and limbal relaxing incision if necessary.


  • Ideal for patients who want clear distance vision without glasses. 
  • Can be performed by LenSx.

Standard Monofocal IOLs

For the individual that desires good vision but doesn’t mind wearing glasses. This package includes: Basic Monofocal lens, usually correcting distance vision. However, if you have astigmatism you will need glasses for all ranges of vision.


  • Costs are typically covered by Medicare and other insurance.

The final decision on which lens package is best for you will be determined by you and your surgeon once all testing and a full cataract evaluation are completed.